I was handed the Honest Scrap Award by Elysabeth Williams(@CheekyWench on twitter) who now owes me a cup of coffee. ❤

Here are the rules Via Jeanne B.:

The rules? Simple. Reveal ten things you likely don’t know about me, then pass the award on to someone else I admire. They shall do the same, and it’s just a whole big pile of Honest Scrap!

And here are ten things you probably never even wanted to know. Blame Cheeky. It’s her fault. 😀

1.) I am partially deaf, and read lips, which makes talking on the phone quite difficult. I tend to say “huh?” a lot while talking on the phone. I also tend to talk really loud to compensate for what I can’t hear.

2.) I was a junior varsity cheerleader. Shut. Up. I lost a bet. I’m not really a cheerleadery kind of person, but this one girl said there was no WAY I could do it, so I was all grrr, and “I’ll show you!” and so I did… and I made it… And the lesson I learned from that was the peer pressure will kill you. I was never bothered by her or peer pressure again… I don’t have any pictures because they don’t really put pictures of the scowling cheerleaders in the yearbook.

3.) I’m fascinated by urban legends, mythology, religions, and ghost stories.

4.)  I believe in fate. I graduated high school a year early and went to a two year private college in the middle of nowhere. That’s where I met my husband, who was a sophomore. Had I not graduated early, we never would have met.

5.)  I have five brothers and sisters; we’re all adopted.

6.) I was awarded a WoHeLo medallion, which is the Camp Fire equivalent to a Boy Scout Eagle Scout Award.

7.) I have been to all 48 contiguous states, and I got to them all, at least once, by car. I love road trips… I don’t like planes.

8.) I’m ridiculously shy in person.

9.)  I have seen Frank Sinatra in concert. It was the early 90’s, and I think I was 19 or so. We were the youngest people there and we hooted and hollered for him from the balcony while the old biddies down in the gallery scowled at us. It was great!!

10.) I love learning new things – and randomness. I have been known to have coffee shop conversations about anything from theoretical physics to Robot Chicken. It’s all good to me.

And there you have it. Ten random things about me that you never asked to know. 🙂

I now hand this award to Judy Clement Wall, A.K.A. @jdistraction. Have fun J… and I guess I now owe you a cup of coffee for this.


6 thoughts on “HSA

  1. I love theorectical physics and quantum theory (so much I’ve mentioned twice on your blog). I dream of visiting CERN or being stuck in a lift (or coffee shop) with
    Prof. Dr. Werner Hofmann of the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics. I doubt I know enough to understand much, but I get all goose-pimply just from the tit-bits I can decipher.

    A book called the Tao of Physics (An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism) by physicist Fritjof Capra ignited my passion years ago. I’m still awestruck and bemused…but that goes for most of the scientific community too!

    Hootin’ & a Hollerin’ are what concerts are all about – let it out, pay no mind to scowling, lemon-suckers. Although, I’m more of a whooo and wheee kinda gal myself.

    Mythology rocks!

    And now the whole phone thang makes much more sense and we should get along fine as everyone says I don’t speak, I shout.

    And re. adoption, my mum grew up in care. After 50 years of searching she tracked down her father. Sadly, he has passed away, but now she feels she has a family and some grounding. We have history, and she has a photo of him that she keeps next to a candle. At night she puts out the candle and says ‘Good night Dad’ – it means the world to her.

    P.s I’ll work on shorter replies 🙂

    • Aww. Don’t work on shorter replies – I love these!! 🙂

      OH YAY!! My nerd crush is Brian Cox (physicist, not actor lol) I can’t imagine understanding half of what he said, but I love to sit in on one of his lectures. He and a couple of others are all on twitter, so it’s fun to see them all in my feed.

      I haven’t read the Tao of Physics, but you’re the third person who has mentioned it to me in a relatively short time, so I’m thinking I might order a copy. Ken studied astrophysics in college before getting into the dot com industry. I love listening to him talk to the kiddos about the stars. He has a way of explaining things to them without taking the “magic” out. It’s beautiful. 🙂

      Thank you for posting on these. I think coffee sometime over the next couple of decades is a grand idea! Don’t count me out heading your way though. I’m not a big fan of airplanes, but I’m a HUGE fan of boats. I’ve been trying to convince Ken for years that 5-6 days on a ship to get over there isn’t really that bad. So far, he remains unconvinced, but he is smiling about it… so he either thinks I’ve finally lost my marbles or I’m wearing him down. ;D ❤

  2. Brian Cox rocks!

    I knew he was on facebook, but now I’ll track him down on Twitter (I’m not a stalker, I promise).

    Astrophysics – so cool. I read Black holes and baby universes a while back by S. Hawkins. I love this stuff, even though it really rocks this illusion of ‘life’ as we know it.

    I’ll contact you via SU too and share the very few tit-bits of wisdom I’ve picked up there.

    See you soon!

    P.s. Upscale operation ‘wear-down Ken!’

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